Monday, May 21, 2007

cool breeze

We all look for those moments, those moments to walk away from the world.
Those moments we need to clear our head.
Those moments that let us be yourselves.
Those moments that seem to come so slow and go so fast.
Those moments that let us breathe.
Those moments that let us make it through the rest of the day.
We all want those moments.
We all look forward to those moments.

My moment is to have a cup of tea and feel the cool breeze come in the window and brush across my face.
It feels so good to just sit back and relax but for a moment!


Carmen said...

Are you the daughter of one of my favorite ladies here in blogitiville? LOL ;-)

PEA said...

Sometimes a moment is all we need to feel refreshed and ready to face to day:-) That recipe in your previous post sounds sooo good, I'll share it with my mom. I also love your mug:-) xox

Ronalee said...

Well said.