Thursday, May 24, 2007


I love doing cat faces!
Here are a few of my favorite ones.
Pink and yellow fantasy tiger and fantasy butterfly tiger

pretty kitty

red, orange and yellow tiger... look out!

When face painting a child you have about 2-5 minutes at the most to paint a full face.
Kids are very wiggly and can not sit for along time.
I have a few models I practice on from age 3-?.
Working on the 3 year old is a challenge, he is wiggly , he can sit for 2-3 minutes at best. He is the best to practice on to get my speed down.


PurpleFlowerFairy said...

you are SO talented! i bet kids LOVE you!!! =) debbie

Bimbimbie said...

purrrrrfectly lovely Ally *!*

Carmen said...

Awesome and like Annie from bimbimbie: Purrrrrrrrfectly done!!

PEA said...

Wowww you do such amazing work! It would take me a few hours to pain a face like that...I guess I wouldn't make it in the business! hehe xoxo

ally said...

Thank you all for all your kind words!