Friday, May 25, 2007

dainty ankles

I found this ad...sadly things really have not changed too much over the years!


PEA said...

Goodness, I have thick ankles but I certainly wouldn't fall for that ad! lol Isn't it just amazing what companies will try to sell and sad that so many people fall for it!! The pharmacy where I bought my platter is PharmaPlus:-) xox

Bimbimbie said...

love the sentence "enables you to wear low shoes becomingly" *!* .... wonder what they would think to our bare legs nowadays

Carmen said...

My ankles are perfectly...thick, LOL
I haven't been able to leave you comments, I had a holiday and I was a little too busy at home with my garden specially.
I made a peach butter and a pepper and peach jam, Would you like me to send you one jar of each, PLEASE? for your tea gatherings would be perfect, please say yes


Anonymous said...

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