Saturday, December 8, 2007

a break

I will be taking a break from blogging for a few weeks I has just been diagnosed with a malignant thyroid and will be having surgery to remove the thyroid on the 19th.
I am really scared but I know everything will be OK!

My Mom has been by my side from day one this has been a great help to me.
She has come with me to all the appointments and the most recent one on December 6 was the day we found out that it was cancer, my Mom listened, I cried.

My Mom has been super strong through this... I am a very emotional person, she knows this so she has been keeping it all in... knowing this does make me sad.
My Dad has been there for her also her friends!

I am doing much better now and I am just a bit scared of the surgery.

My husband and children are doing fine, we have not told the kids yet but will the week of the surgery.

My sister is doing OK... she is a bit scared (as we all are) but trying not to show it. She will be coming down on the day of the surgery to help out with the kids.

My husband's parent will also be helping out with the kids.

All my family is showing me great support!

I have turned the comments off - I know you will be thinking of me and my family.