Thursday, February 7, 2008

sometime soon

I am sad to say that I will not be posting for now ~ at least until I am feeling much better.

I do not have any energy and likely won't until after my final treatment which I think will be sometime the end of March or beginning of April. Then the thyroid hormones need to be adjusted and that can take some time to figure out.

In the meantime I will be experiencing the symptoms of an underactive thyroid which in my case means I am fighting exhaustion every day. I can barely keep up with the children, so all the extra activities are on hold for now and I am finding it too hard to find the energy to blog.

I am not shutting my blog down permanently as one day I might come back, s
o I am not saying a final good bye just yet! I hope to see you sometime in the next month or so when I will begin to visit your blogs again as I get my energy back.

Thank you everyone for all of your good wishes, prayers and encouragement!