Wednesday, October 10, 2007

secret sad tears 2 happy happy tears

A few weeks ago my daughter entered a name in the
Toronto Zoo's name the
tiger cub contest.

She had pick the name Kona to be the boy cub's name.

She waited all day to see what names were going to be picked....
paper was just about to come off, her eyes were as big as saucers hoping it
was gong to be her name.

Well at last we were going to find out as the paper came off
the name of the tiger was... Jack.

At that moment her little heart broke, she had secret tears.

Today I received this email from Annie at Bimbimbie

"I was wondering if it would be ok with you if I named our latest possum "Kona"
I think it's a great name for him, he's only little but has the
stamina of a tiger when
he's bounding about in the trees away from his mum
"Petuniapetal" I gave her that
name after she ate some of my petunia
flowers *!*"

Well it was my daughters turn to bounce off the walls with joy.

This was a very HAPPY DAY!

Here are some pictures of Kona


We also received an email from Kona.

Thank you *!* I love, love, love my name Kona.

Be sure and look in on me from time to time, I'll make sure I get to pose in front of the camera just for you *!*

Possum hugs and nibbles from Kona xxx

My Daughter wrote back to him with BIG smiles...

Dear Kona,

I really love the picture you sent me!

You are so cute and I think Kona is the prefect name for you.

I can not wait to print this picture out so I can show all my friends and family my very own possum in Australia with his new special name.

I will pop in to see if there are any new pictures to add to
my collection
of you.

You have made me feel very special!

Please keep safe and I hope one day I can come to see you.

Thank you Kona very much for thinking of me!

I love you!

Kona on his Mommy's back

Pictures from Bimbimbie

For Annie and Kona pictures by my daughter.

This was so special to us all I had to share!

Thank you Annie with all our hearts!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


This Thanksgiving everyone is busy.
My parents are at a wedding, my sis is moving into her new house, and my brother is busy with his in-laws.
So this year I am making my first turkey and all the fixings.
I did call my Mom early this morning to get a run through of what I should do...
but I am really doing it all myself.
First thing I did was make my first apple pie and
pumpkin pie.
Crusts and fillings all by myself....
if you can't tell already I am so excited and happy to be doing this.

Apple pie before it was baked.

My kids eyeballs fell out when they saw the size of it.

So did my husbands...he also laughed and asked how we were going to cut it.

All baked.

The sugar browned a little more than I would have liked.

My first pumpkin pie.
My Daughter has very bad food allergies which includes milk and dairy products.
So I have to make everything friendly for her.

My hubby getting the turkey ready for me to stuff.
Hubby not the turkey!

Set for dinner.

I even got my good china out.

A gift from my Mom... they were her grandma's before.

Beautiful Mother of Pearl handles.

The centerpiece my girls made for the table.

Ready for dinner.

Perfect cranberries... a must have!

Dinners ready!

Fresh carrots, cauliflower and broccoli.

The baby has started filling his plate

The turkey... it was perfect... did I mention this was
my first time cooking one.

My son is ready to eat!

Looks good... will you all join us?

A must... this was hard work!
To all the Mothers out there that cook wonderful meals.
Cheers to you all!
Thanks Mom!

Pie still to come... but first, I need a rest!!