Wednesday, August 8, 2007

arrrr matey!

The party started with a swim.

It was my son's fourth birthday on the weekend.
We had a pirate party up at the cottage.
After the swim I painted faces and they dressed up like pirates.

Pirate cake and arrr arrr matey cupcakes.

I made chocolate gold coins and sliver shells
to put around the cake with
some gummy sharks, fish and octopi.

Too cute!

All the decorations went perfectly together!

The cake up close.

Birthday boy wishes!

I painted a big shark.
All the kids got their pictures taken in the sharks mouth.
The kids did this while we were getting the treasure hunt ready.

Shiver me timbers!

The adults got into it too!

arrrr matey!

Treasure hunt time!

The first clue.

The girls are in the lead!

Where did that Capt. Wishhehadalongbeard put that

The kids ran all over. One clue to the next.

They even had a pirate dog.

A monkey clue hiding in the forest.

At last the treasure is found.