Thursday, February 7, 2008

sometime soon

I am sad to say that I will not be posting for now ~ at least until I am feeling much better.

I do not have any energy and likely won't until after my final treatment which I think will be sometime the end of March or beginning of April. Then the thyroid hormones need to be adjusted and that can take some time to figure out.

In the meantime I will be experiencing the symptoms of an underactive thyroid which in my case means I am fighting exhaustion every day. I can barely keep up with the children, so all the extra activities are on hold for now and I am finding it too hard to find the energy to blog.

I am not shutting my blog down permanently as one day I might come back, s
o I am not saying a final good bye just yet! I hope to see you sometime in the next month or so when I will begin to visit your blogs again as I get my energy back.

Thank you everyone for all of your good wishes, prayers and encouragement!


Friday, January 25, 2008


So often it seems that life is only made up of things to worry about.  Life
has many disappointments for all of us ... death, illnesses, betrayals,
tragedies, and feelings of worthlessness and despair. Sometimes life can
seem so very grim, and so many times we tend to wallow in pools of

I would just like to say again ... I believe that our time here on earth
gives us the opportunity to grow spiritually. We can experience much
personal growth because of all the suffering, worries, and difficulties we
have to go through during our mortal lives. It is God's way of fine-tuning
us so we become more compassionate, more caring, more loving, and more
aware of others' pain. After all, how could we ever dry the tears of
others if we had never cried ourselves?

We all find ourselves in the valley of despair sometimes. It may sometimes
seem that we are forever worrying, learning lessons, suffering pain, and
facing challenges. But we must try to remember that the fertilizer that
helps us "grow" is in those valleys, not on the mountain tops.

During the times that we feel scared and confused, we will always end up
wiser and we will grow more from the experiences. We will understand more
about people and life, become more sensitive, and we'll be able to enjoy
life more after we go through the hard times.

We have to experience sadness so that we may better measure joy. Life has
a way of balancing the sorrow with the joy, the disappointments with the
hope, and the emptiness with the meaning.

mountains of love
author unknown

I would like to add that I have had so much love sent to me through all of you and it really has help me out a lot!
There is still good in the world, kind people and true friends.
Many of you do not even know me but you all sent your love and healing powers to me. I am truly blessed.
Thank you so much!

I have not been blogging because I am still feeling really tired. I have been thinking of all of you and hope to start visiting again soon.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


That's me off to my husband's X-mas party.
This was a week before the surgery.
This picture is one my Mom put together for me...
it made me smile!

This is the scar from my surgery.... not so bad!
This was taken one week after the surgery.

It will be gone by next year.

Yeah! I got to be home for Christmas!

A quick THANK YOU! to all of you who sent your love in this really scary moment and your prayers which helped me through and continue to help me heal!
Thank you for all the lovely cards that reminded me to stay positive.

Going through this has made me see things in a different life is on a new road and I love it!

I am slowly getting around to visit you all again.

Wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Thank you all again!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

An Ally Update...

This is Ally's Mom just letting everyone know that her surgery is now over and she is fine.

The surgeon was very pleased with the outcome of the surgery and Ally's progress. The entire thyroid has now been removed but there will be a follow-up treatment after to ensure that all the bad cells are dead and won't cause any more problem.

One of the side effects of this surgery is fluctuations in calcium, B12 as well as thyroid hormone levels. Ally is being given supplements now to get these back into the normal range. Once that is stabilized and the surgeon feels she has recovered sufficiently from the surgery, she will be able to come home from the hospital ~ it may be as early as Friday if things continue to go smoothly.

I am sure she will be looking forward to visiting you all again as soon as she is able!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

a break

I will be taking a break from blogging for a few weeks I has just been diagnosed with a malignant thyroid and will be having surgery to remove the thyroid on the 19th.
I am really scared but I know everything will be OK!

My Mom has been by my side from day one this has been a great help to me.
She has come with me to all the appointments and the most recent one on December 6 was the day we found out that it was cancer, my Mom listened, I cried.

My Mom has been super strong through this... I am a very emotional person, she knows this so she has been keeping it all in... knowing this does make me sad.
My Dad has been there for her also her friends!

I am doing much better now and I am just a bit scared of the surgery.

My husband and children are doing fine, we have not told the kids yet but will the week of the surgery.

My sister is doing OK... she is a bit scared (as we all are) but trying not to show it. She will be coming down on the day of the surgery to help out with the kids.

My husband's parent will also be helping out with the kids.

All my family is showing me great support!

I have turned the comments off - I know you will be thinking of me and my family.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

a moment

Please take a moment in your day to watch
Learn, educate yourself or others and be aware!

If you are not familiar with the story behind Sabrina's
Law, please watch this amazing documentary.
It's a story that you will never, ever forget.

Thank you Sara Shannon for having the strength
to help all the other families who have
children with allergies!
You and your family are always in my thoughts and heart!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

some fun

Cool art that will mess with your head!

How many horses in this picture? You should find 7.
I found 5.

Look at the middle column.
Where does it end?

Do you see four people?

Who is the tallest?

A face? . Or, the word 'liar' ?

What do you see here?
Do you see the word "LIFT"?
Or, a bunch of black splotches ?


I found all of them right away.