Thursday, November 1, 2007


50 cupcakes for the school party.

Blue monsters and green one eyes.

Of course they had to be different ghouls for school.


Mickey Mouse.

Fire Pixie.

A skeleton waiting for you at the door.


Little rat nibbling an eyeball.

Scary Clown.

This ghost moves and waves it arms, it also moans.

The spiders are coming!


Mother with her hatching babies.

Mr. Bones showing off his eyeball necklace.

Scary guy holding his beheaded wife's dress.

BIG SKULL! baby pumpkin.

Oh my it is the DEVIL!

Scary old man coming to get you!

I hope everyone had a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Carmen said...

Very nice Ally!!!
Your decorations and sweets are the best in the planet! so are your children's customes, super mommy you!
My prayers and thoughts are always in your way.
Stay joyful!

mosaic queen said...

Your kids look GREAT and those cupcakes are to die for!!!!

dot said...

If I was a kid I'd love to go to your house on Halloween! Cute decorations and costumes. Cute post! Oh, I want a cupcake!!!

Gina said...

Awesome! All of the costumes are wonderful and how did you manage the cobwebs?? Veerry creeepy! :O)

Kahshe Cottager said...

Everything looked great ... I haven't checked my pictures yet though. Maybe there will be ghosts floating in them! How come I didn't get a cupcake ???


Bimbimbie said...

Hi Ally ... did you make sure you didn't gain an extra monster or two at the end of the day following you home for one of those delic monster cupcakes lol *!*

guild_rez said...

many scary pictures..
The costumes are wonderful, but the little girls are very cute..