Tuesday, November 13, 2007

good news bad news

Recently, my doctor discovered that I had two lumps; one in my breast and the other in my thyroid.
I have had a number of ultrasounds done on both, as well as a number of other tests ( blood, etc.) ... it was time to go see a specialist.

After three months of waiting, I finally had my appointment today. Thankfully, my Mom was by my side to keep me confident and be my second set of ears.
I have major anxiety about medical issues and can not focus on all the things they said to me. I always focus on the worst scenario presented, whether it is about me or not and that is all I hear.

Thank you Mom for being there!

Good news.

The doctor (a very nice man) dismissed the lump in my breast. He said that it would be something to watch, but not to worry about.

Bad news.

The thyroid has a lump and a biopsy had to be taken, which was done today.
There's nothing like starting your morning off with a huge needle in your throat.
I will have the test results back in three weeks.

I will likely have to have the lump removed. It will be sent to pathology and if it comes back showing anything... like cancer, then he will do a second surgery and remove the thyroid.

Scary....YES... but I have my family behind me, and they are holding me up.
I told my Mom today this is really hard for me to deal with because I am a MOM.

Life is precious... tell your children, family and friends that you love them every chance you have!
Hugs and kisses are a must!
If you come home late and your children are in bed sleeping, go in and kiss them and let them know you love them even if it is just a whisper.
Let your partner know that you love them... you care and you are there.
We all forget that the little things are important. In a long term relation we dismiss a lot of the little things. They are as important now as they were on that first date!
Love to live.
Live to love.
Live for love.
Be happy.

Thank you for reading my post today!
Remember to have your yearly check ups!

I will be taking a few days off of blogging.


dot said...
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dot said...

So sorry Ally! I will be praying for you and your family.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

How scary Ally. Sending prayers that everything is okay.
I won`t say don`t worry, cause I know
from experience that it`s impossible not to. Glad you have your family and that your Mum is able to come with you for support.


Naturegirl said...

Hello Alley I have been to the edge and am on solid ground. Stay calm and
you will deal with whatever the results show.I hold you in my prayers..sending an angel of courage your way.blessings to you and your family hugs NG

Sandra Evertson said...

Hello, when I was 12 my mom also had a lump in her thyroid,(1960's) she had surgery and had it removed, has been on thyroid medication all these years, today she is 72 and always on the go! Wishing you the best!
Sandra Evertson

Gina said...

Wishing you all the best Ally.. A friend of mine had a thyroid lump removed 5yrs ago and has made a very good recovery..keep your chin up, thinking of you :O) Gx

Bimbimbie said...

Dear Ally sending you big smiles and hugs to let you know I'm thinking of you ..... see even mums need their mums at times like this *!* x

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Scary but sounds like you have a handle on things now. I get freaked out too but I always say I'd rather know then not!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Ally~ I have been away and am now catching up. I pray everything has gone well.
Y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Carmen said...

You are in my thoughts!
And you will be fine!
painting faces!
Can you paint something on mine?

zUzU said...

=^..^= Sweetest Ally

Oh about life.
Everything you said! Yes!
...and always use the good china.

I understand. Totally now.
For me, it was a lump in my breast.
I was 22 ... The first time.

Biopsy. Terror. But here I am.
Lessons on life. To direct us.
Doesn't make the lessons always easier,
but a little more okay somehow?

We are here at the cottage ...
Thinking of you, Ally.

=^..^= xo love, zU