Monday, May 14, 2007

a great find

Young Girl
Rembrandt, Dutch 1606-1669
format 8" x 10" size
No. 801

One summer I was out with my family at a huge street sale I came across some beautiful picture frames six in total.
The one picture I loved the most was a picture of 3 girls practicing ballet.
The lady sold the six frames to me for $12.00 I was so happy. Little did I know that was not even the best part.
When I got home the back of the painting said Young girl but the front had 3 girls on it so I took it a part well... there it was a Rembrandt my jaw hit the floor, the painting was in perfect condition. Now the ballet girls are at the back helping to protect this beautiful piece of art work.
The funny thing is the picture of the ballet girls was from a calendar.
It is one of my favorite finds. It is simply nice!

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Carmen in California said...

Awesome! And how lucky you were!