Monday, July 23, 2007

a lavender basil thank you

When I got home on Sunday my mailbox was filled
with the sweet smell of lavender.
Nature Girl sent me a beautiful Thank You card and a little
pouch of her own home grown lavender.
The card is really cool!
You take the little green strip out and plant it.
Basil is what will grow!
I love basil!

The smells so good!
The best lavender I have smelt
Thank you so much NG!


PEA said...

What a wonderful surprise from NG!! I'm always in awe of the lavender she grows in her garden and I can well imagine how lovely it smells!! xox

Bimbimbie said...

Isn't that a lovely idea .... a gift that keeps on giving and NG's kindness gets to bloom again when the Basil grows *!*

dot said...

I bet the mailman enjoyed it also!

Naturegirl said...

Ally we adore our lavender and basil..we are connected in spirit! Enjoy! hugs NG

Carmen said...

I love both Lavender and basil!

Kahshe Cottager said...

I love lavender too and what a great surprise for you ... although I'll bet the scent in the mail gave it away before you opened it! You likely had one relaxed mail carrier!