Thursday, July 19, 2007

tag i'm it!

Tag I'm it!

Jennie from blog in a cyber bottle has tagged me to reveal 8 random facts about me. So ... here goes!

1. I hate the feeling of wet hair or skin under a sweatsuit/jogging suit.

2. I can not get to sleep at night but can sleep all morning...if the kids did not wake me up.
This is not good, I go to bed at 1-3am or so and get up at 7am at the latest.

3. Pasta and ice cream are mood foods. Unlike most I do not like to eat these foods. Milkshakes are OK anytime.

4. I love the smell of coffee! But I am not a big fan of drinking it unless it is a Tim Horton's ice cap.

5. My biggest fear is anything medical with me or my kids. I am at the doctor's a lot.

6. I hate doing dishes...even loading them into a dishwasher. I pile them up and wait for my husband to come home to do them.

7. I have 8 tattoos and I am going to get a few more.
One that I have is the engagement ring my husband designed. (I wear the ring too, but got it tattoo on as an arm band) He does not like tattoos...on him...but he did get one for me and that is your wedding bands. So we have the same tattoo on our ring fingers. Yes it hurt to get it A LOT!!!!

8. I love fairies! My wedding was all about fairies, my wedding rings are fairies, my girl's room is a fairy theme and there are fairies all around my house.
I will post my Fairy Wedding soon!

So there are 8 random things about me!

I think anyone who reads this should do it!
It is neat to read things about people.
But I will tag...



Carmen said...

I would like to see your wedding bands one day...
One day when I marry to my prince, I want henna in my hands, LOL
Thank you dear sweet Ally!

dot said...

You've got your husband trained right! I don't mind washing the dishes but I hate unloading the dishwasher so I only use it about once a month.
Enjoyed your random facts!

PEA said...

Heyyyy how come I'm the only one who got tagged?? hehe I have 3 other memes I have to do so one day this week I will do a post with all 4 of them:-) Loved learning more facts about're a gal after my own heart, loving faeries like you do!! Can't wait to hear about your faerie wedding!!! xox

Kahshe Cottager said...

And tag you're it again LOL!!!!

Please visit my blog, I have nominated you for a Reflections Award!

You can pick up the badge there and begin your list of nominees!

Salix Tree said...

I love faeries too. The tattoed wedding bands sound like a cool idea! I have several tattoos as well, but I didn't think it hurt all that much. Wish my hubby would do dishes.. *sigh*

Gledwood said...

oh bloody hell you've just reminded there's TWO tags i'm meant to do but i was in such confusional mess i don't remember what where who whatever o some bloody screaming child just shrieked in my left ear ... hokay!
have i been here before? your blog looks somehow familiar but we are friends of friends any how ...
i'm at gledwood2.blogspot - come by sometime if you haven't already
ok take care!

Bimbimbie said...

...... Ally!!! My eyes have popped out of my head at no 6 lol *!*

claire Maraldo said...

Thanks for nominating me Ally.
You have made my day!